What is Seo? Why should Seo do that?

What is Seo?  Why should Seo do that?

 Hello friends, Welcome to Gujarati Blogger, today we will tell you about (What is Seo?  Why should Seo do that?) 7And in this post you will also know about offPage seo, we will tell you why SEO is required for our website and blogger.
What is Seo?  Why should Seo do that?

What is Seo?  Why should Seo do that?

 In this post, we will give you information about seo, which is very important to you, we hope you like all of our previous posts as you like our post.

 If you want to increase visitors to your website, then you have to read our post on how to do seo from beginning to end.

 By creating a website, it's not like visitors will automatically start visiting your website, you need to seo on your website.

 If you want to know the off page seo and on page seo in this post, we will give you the full language about it in simple language, so let us tell you about SEO

Why should Seo

 If we talk in simple language, then Seo

 The job is to increase traffic to the website or blogger, previously there was very little website on the internet, but now everyone in the world uses the internet, so you will see many websites on the internet.  In a website, the search engine only shows the websites whose posts are search engine friendly on the first page, so you have to seo to show your website at the top or the very first 2 pages.

 Learn how to do Seo

 Starting a website after creating it doesn't mean that the visitor will start coming to your site, the visitor will only come when your site appears on the first or second page of the search engine, only when your search engine is optimized.

 Google and other search engines have created such rules, depending on the rules you make, they will be called seo (search engine optimized). By these rules you can increase the traffic to your site.

 Google is the most used search engine in all search engines because Google adjusts all the information and shows it to the search engine Google indexes all the content as soon as a user searches for a content on Google, then displays content based on Google keywords.  General Chat Chat Lounge

 Learn how to SEO

 If your blog or website is new, you must first submit it to search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

 You should choose the right keywords for SEO (search engine optimized).

 Use keywords in your website and blog.

 Buy your domain longer.

 Submit a Sitemap of your website to Google, sitemap.xml contains all of our site information.

 Put useful content right on the blog, which increases the number of visitors returning to your site.

 Long, put regular content on the blog and blog content.

 Enter the title and description of the catchy and impressive blog.

 (What is Seo? Why do search engine optimization? How should website design enhancement?)

 How to do on page seo

 on page seo means what you post inside a blog - such as title, description, permalink, image, label, etc.  All of this to make your website blog visible on the first page or to increase the blog's ranking on Google search.  To do the on page seo, you have to work on the site so it shows up in the first order.

 How to on page Seo is necessary 

 Now that we have learned how to do on page seo, now we know how to do on page seo 

 Using the keywords in the title.

 Using the keyword in the first paragraph of the post.

 Using the Keyword in the Permalink (Post URL)

 Use the keyword in the alt tag of the image.

 Using keywords in H2 and H3 headings.

 By attaching a related article to the blog.

 Write the description of the post in at least 700 words.

 Optimize the image before uploading.

 Increase website loading speed.

 Enter a description related to the title.

 Yes, friends, we told you on some of the most important things on how to do the on-page seo in simple language Gujarati, following which you can create a page on your blog.

 How To Do Off Page SEO

 Off Page SEO Optimization is a way to seo that we do something other than your site to bring your site in search, which increases your site's ranking and appears at the top.

 Anything you do to improve your site is called Off Page SEO.  Off Page SEO means that it is related to another blog, to increase the traffic of the blog and to rank the keywords.  Off Page SEO is very useful for SEO website.

 After completing the on-page seo task, the next task is to do Off Page SEO, it's the link building task, through Off Page SEO, that means you do something else to increase your site's ranking.  So that your site's ranking increases.

 We first learned about Off Page SEO in detail, now we can increase Google ranking by following the technique of Off Page SEOso let us know.

 Off Page SEO techniques

 Now we will tell you which technique can make your blogs more effective and beneficial so that as more and more users visit your blogs, you should follow some steps.

 Off Page SEO The use of social networking sites is increasing daily.

 You can also increase traffic by using search engine submissions to popularize your blog.

 You can increase the ranking by using forum postings.

 Whenever you post a new article on a blog, you must publish it on a well-known article.

 You can also increase traffic to your site by making blog comments.

 A good way to increase traffic to the site is to increase the traffic on the YouTube channel by adding a link under the description of the video.

 Writing and publishing a post for a blog means posting a guest but remember that it has a good rank.

 You can increase traffic by adding an image of your website or blog to a photo sharing website.


 Yes, friends, how did you like our post, in which we explained to you about On page seo and Off Page SEO, I hope you understand our post, you also share the information of our post with your friends.  You can and you can also share our post SEO quotes on social media.

 What is your post Seo to you?   (What is Seo?  Why should Seo do that?)Like it or if you want any information regarding this post, you can tell us by commenting in the comment box below, we will definitely help you.

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