Top 10 free blogging websites

 Top 10 free blogging websites

 Hello friends today we will talk about "Learn about the Top 10 free bloging website" Friends have been using the Internet technology ever since in the smartphone market and the common people are also getting information about blogging site and making money online.  So today I will give you information about ten such free blogging sites.

Top 10 free blogging websites
Top 10 free blogging websites


 Whenever it comes to free blogging sites, it starts with Blogspot.

 This is Google's service.

 This allows AdSense easily.

 Most users search Google and since Blogspot is Google's product, its SEO is also made easier.

 Many of its designs (blog templates) are available.

 It has no control admin.

 In this, some different modifications can also be made with PHP code.

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 WordPress is the second most popular free blogging platform after Blogspot.  Some people have a lot of confusion about WordPress.  There are many differences between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com.  The blog cannot be transferred to a custom domain.  Also, you cannot place any type of advertisement.  Affiliate marketing can be done in a blog created on WordPress.

 Webs.Com is also a very popular blogging platform.  Webs now also offers a premium platform.


 It's also a good option for introducing free blogging.  As its name implies, a live journal is the job of writing and reading live.  Here, a live journal is advertised in a free blog.  If you want to eliminate live journal branding, you have to use its paid platform.  It features multiple authors, polls, queer lenders and commenters.  There are currently more than 15 million blogs on this website.  Video uploads and private messages can also be sent here.


 You may not have heard his name yet.  It is also a free blogging platform.  If you want to create a blog for free, Yola can also be tried, when some people have a question when blogspot, why Yola?  Blogspot, so everyone uses, should be used something else.  There is also a custom domain feature.

 Its motto is, "The easiest way to blog" is also a free blogging platform.  Create a blog here and share your experience.


 Weebly is a California website.  Which has been operating in the onal world since 2006.  But interestingly, in 2007 its name was included in the Top 50 Websites.  Wembley has more than 1 million personal blogs.  Custom domain features are available in Wembley.  There is no charge for domain mapping here.  Here you can easily create a post by category, menu, pages and drag drop

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 Vix's ad is also seen.  If you haven't seen his ad, then check out YouTube and his ad will be seen in some videos.  It has many designs.  There are many more features available when it comes to its premium package.  500 MB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth are available in the free Wix account.  If you need more than this, you can buy a premium plan.


 Tumblr is a free and easy blogging platform.  Tumblr looks somewhat similar between both Twitter and WordPress.  Tumblr is being used for social shares.  SEO is done in two ways.  On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.  Bloggers are using Tumblr in SEO.


 It is also a free blogging platform.  It is also used for page SEO off. is the founder of Twitter.  This is a great platform for Micronyche.  There is user information left.  But, this platform is not very effective for people writing blogs in Hindi.  There are also limitations and no ad can be placed.  Self-hosted WordPress is not possible by the future.

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